Stop the Bullshit

Over the past 4 years I worked for a well established design agency and I dealt with lots of clients, some who have been promised the world and designers who have failed to deliver! Everyone can talk the talk but not many actually walk the walk.

Following through on things you say you’ll do makes a big difference in the design industry.

If you want lasting success in this game the way to go about it is by stepping up to the mark and doing what you say you’re going to do, don’t bullshit your clients. If you are approached with a contract and you’re too busy to take it on don’t say yes if you can’t fully commit to the project.

Only say yes to a project you’re 100% sure about.

Saying no to a project isn’t a bad thing. Say no to projects if you can’t guarantee to finish or commit to what the potential client wants.

I’m not saying I’m the world’s greatest designer I’d be lying if I said that, what I’m saying is if I tell my clients I’ll do something I’ll do it, I follow through on my promises, sometimes I even over deliver.

Telling the truth to someone that comes to you with a project makes life easier and much more productive.

Just be honest, you’ll get a lot more respect in the long run.

Front-end developer from Lancashire, UK. I create & develop websites for awesome people.

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