Minimalism Web Design

To me, minimalism web design is one of those lasting design concepts that’s always on top, no matter how many trends come and go. Over the last couple of years it has become one of the most popular go to designs because of its basic philosophy, and growing use of mobile devices.

Minimalist web design principles sound simple but that doesn’t mean they are. Even though there isn’t many elements to a minimalist website, you still have to provide the same amount of usability or better, with less.

“Designers want to say more by showing less.”— Nick Babich

The Best Way to Achieve Minimalism Web Design?

The best way to achieve minimalism is by reducing your design to elements that are absolutely essential. In terms of web design this could be hard to accomplish. Having a clear purpose of exactly what aspects are needed and whats not would be the first step.

Such as: What your website would be used for? Do you want to open an online shop? Do you want a portfolio website?

No matter what your intention is, the purpose of your site must be clear. This is the base for any website, especially a minimalist one.

The use of negative space is a positive thing. Space is one of the first elements that people associate with a minimalist design. Negative white space isn’t just whats its about, even black, grey, very dark bold backgrounds or colourful backgrounds are also an option.

Create a single focal point — The Content

For me minimalist web design comes into its own when using effective typography combined with great content. Designing a clean, simple website that looks good and grabs attention has to be matched with great typography & content.

Typography brings the immediate focus on the words and content which is the most important part of any website.

“Web design is an extention of page design, and page design was all about crafting the perfect paragraph. To craft the perfect paragraph you need to be working with the content.”— Mark Boulton

There are many reasons why it’s important to base your design from actual content, but the most important is because every website has a story, or message that it wants to get across to its visitors. Creating a minimalist website we have even more reason to emphasise content first…after all its the content of your site that keeps users coming back.

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