Creativity, design & minimalism.

I’m Scott Brown —  a front-end web developer who creates simple things, for awesome people. My journey started back when I was 23, when a friend offered me a job as a junior front-end web developer, this is where I developed my web design skills. 5 years later I was lead designer, but I fancied a change. And that change was 4,866 miles away, in China. It was here where 9DesignStreet was born.

Now back in Lancashire I design clean, easy to use websites specialising in WordPress. Working for a well established digital agency I have over 10 years experience in and you know what? I absolutely love it!

With every website comes a new challenge, a new story to tell in its own unique way. Having a site that is minimal, easy to navigate and insightful is key. Content matters, which is why I use a content first approach.

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